Why Choose Sales Force 911 for your Outsourced Telemarketing?

Increased Productivity: Sales Force 911 can increase your productivity through a combination of proven techniques, and more effective support systems. Lowering your costs and helping your sales professionals do what they do best…selling!

Improved Quality: Sales Force 911 masters many different kinds of call programs. Experience in the form of proven script structures, powerful training for representatives, and highly efficient systems all contribute to overall call quality.

Increased Capacity: In house systems are designed to serve an average volume of calls and does not meet the need for initiatives that are introduced during the normal course of doing business. Sales Force 911 can offer a massive outbound platform to meet the needs of almost any individual program.

Integration with other business functions: Sales Force 911 has experience in linking call center activity with other business systems. Your company may save development time by gaining access to proven proprietary software and specific technical expertise, making your in-house resources available for other needs.

Reduced Costs: Call Centers are labor intensive. Hiring Sales Force 911 allows you to convert representatives from a fixed cost to a variable resource that can be adjusted for demand and potentially reducing your costs.

Resources: Managing a productive call centers takes special skills-training, administration, telephone networking / software technology, systems, sales, creative and legal. Sales Force 911 with its large volume of work and varied client base can attract and retain the top specialists in the teleservices field.

We offer world class call center solutions that promote our customers success by providing innovative, value added, applications and services that increases customer productivity, enhances the quality of their client communications and delivers the highest level of support and expertise achievable.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction to our clients by offering superior marketing solutions. We are committed to quality performance in all our endeavors. Our professional experience has taught us that our success is a direct result of focusing our organization on the attainment of your goals. Sales Force 911 works in conjunction with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies creating successful partnerships, and marketing formulas that yield results. As a company we work diligently to support your marketing needs. As our client, you are our number one priority. Our sole purpose is to support you... to meet our commitments to you and exceed your expectations.

You will gain a significant competitive advantage because all our employees are dedicated to achieving your goals with an ongoing commitment to quality, and our thorough approach creates the optimum conditions for success.

We can help toward your next success!

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