So you believe that outbound telemarketing is the answer but do not want to outsource it?

Establishing a successful outbound campaign is a daily endeavor within the offices of Sales Force 911. We provide on-site consulting to those clients interested in internal call center development. The adoption of a successful formula for a telemarketing campaign requires due diligence, industry knowledge, and expertise. We have helped many succeed where others have failed.

The numbers are staggering a full 65% of all new telephone sales departments failed in the first 18 months for a variety of documented reasons. The cost to fail is over $200,000 in hard cash for a minimum sales team of three representatives and a manager. The soft cash loss is perceived to be equal to the out of pocket expense. We provide 2 day on-site training and education that provides the insurance against these types of failures from happening to your business.

Let our experience in developing telemarketing programs, choosing the appropriate technology, and providing hands on telemarketing training, be your blue print for success in your inhouse call center.

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